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An Uforgettable Teaching Journey in Iloilo, Philippines!!
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Its August 15, 2018 where I started my long trip from Makassar, Indonesia to Iloilo, Philippine. It was my very first time go abroad and I was alone. I encourage myself to face whatever will happen at the time. I started my trip at 6am from Makassar and arrived in Jakarta at 7am. Then I took skytrain to move from terminal 1 to terminal 3 at CGK Ultima international airport. That is a very big and cool airport in Indonesia. There you can see a lot of stuff to pampering your eyes and to release stress after having a jetlag.

I took a rest for a while before doing the checked in to Manila. Then at 11.30 was the time where I should fly to Manila to avoid missing flight from manila to iloilo because I only had 2 hours to move from terminal 4 to terminal 2 in Manila. But unfortunately my flight was delayed for 1hour in Jakarta. I was so scared at the time if i missed my flight to Iloilo. Then I flight and arrived at 18.30 where my flight from Manila to Iloilo should be 18.45. Which was i only had 15 minutes to move to another terminal to got my next flight. It made a bad experience where the taxi driver cheat me to pay more than 1000peso to get that terminal. So willy-nilly I take that taxi because I was scared to missed that flight. After arriving to terminal 2 I was crying to the airport staff because I thought I missed the flight. Fortunately the flight also delayed for 15 minutes so I still can get my flight to Iloilo.

It took 1hour from Manila to Iloilo. I artived at 20.00 in Iloilo. Maam Shela, Mr. Charlie, Mr. Lowrence and Nino fetched me in the airport and took me to the dorm. They were so kind it made me feel just like coming back home. Then I arrived at the dorm with my four Indonesian dormmate.

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